See what families are saying about Lauren O'Donnell & Sweet Dreamers Child Sleep Consulting.

Lauren provided an absolutely necessary and remarkable service for our family. She took the time to listen to and assess our particular needs, provide options to meet our goals, answer all questions, and gave essential support along the way. Like most moms, I was nervous about training our baby’s sleep, but Lauren provided guidance at each step and assured that we were comfortable with our plan and able to execute the clear behavioral steps with ease. Within a few days, even this nervous momma was sold. We strongly recommend Lauren if you and your family are struggling to establish healthy sleep patterns.
— Adrienne & 6-month-old daughter
We are so thankful for Lauren and her passion and expertise in helping us teach our daughter how to become a better sleeper. Lauren was exactly what we needed to give us confidence and reassurance as we carried on with the process we started.

I was very appreciative that Lauren took time to get to know the schedule that was already in place for our daughter before trying to problem solve. She asked us what our ultimate goal in the process was and that’s what she wanted to help us with. She had recommendations on modifying our daughter’s sleep schedule, she had research to back up her recommendations, and she had personal experiences to share that helped form a connection. She never cast judgement. She truly just wanted what was best for our family!

Thank you, Lauren, from the bottom of our hearts! We are all sleeping better and waking up much more refreshed!
— Emily & 5-month-old daughter
Lauren has been such a huge blessing to both our family and our health! Prior to working through sleeping training, we were going on 6 months of sleep deprivation and our home was full of stress. The moment we sat down with Lauren, I could feel all of my anxiety just fall away. We discussed our options, made a plan, and gained wonderful support and insight. One night of sleep training and our whole world changed. We went from not sleeping in a crib and waking 6-7 times a night; to 12 hours of sleeping in her own room. Every day has gotten better and Lauren was there the whole way checking in and making sure things were going well. I have and will continue to recommend her wonderful service to any and all tired and frustrated parents looking for help and relief!
— Toshia & 8-month-old daughter
Being a first time mom I knew nothing about infant sleep patterns! My son was always an amazing sleeper at an early age, or so I thought! Once he hit the 6-month mark of his life he began to wake several times a night. After months passing, this is where my saving grace came in! A friend gave me Lauren O’Donnell’s contact information for her sleep consulting services. My family and I worked with her for two weeks and in that short amount of time I became one well rested mom and my son became an even happier baby boy!! Her advice was spot on and very helpful to [him] taking longer naps and sleeping 12 hours at night without waking up. She has many plans to meet the needs of all ages and lifestyles. I highly recommend her and cannot say enough kind words about how much she has changed our lives!! Thank you again!

A Well Rested Working Mommy
— Rachael & 9-month-old son
We began working with Lauren when our daughter was 9 months old and still waking every few hours through the night to nurse. Getting [our daughter] to fall asleep was getting harder and harder. I had read several sleep training books; but was a bit overwhelmed with the different options. [Upon meeting] with Lauren, she did a great job at asking what our goals were for sleep and getting an idea of what would work best for our family. We were nervous about the thought of letting our daughter cry but it went much more smoothly than anticipated. Throughout the entire process, Lauren was very encouraging and available to us for any questions or concerns. It was wonderful to work with a person as opposed to just reading [a] book, because not every problem that arises or question that you have can be addressed by a book. Lauren was able to offer suggestions based on my baby and family instead of a “one-size-fits-all” fix. Our only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner!
— Andrea & 9-month-old daughter